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What is CogniZance?

CogniZance is a cognitively stimulating service that keeps older adults sharp, creative and socially engaged.
Through refreshing daily interactions and scientifically-based brain-training, users create and maintain a healthy routine.
CogniZance users make more out of retirement, feeling driven and connected.

Cognitive Workout Made Fun

CogniZance helps you build a brain-training routine and stimulate short and long term memory, attentiveness and creativity. Our friendly and easy-to-use agent will send you three daily exercises using a familiar medium. 
CogniZance exercises focus on real life skills and are fun, inspiring, often challenging and thought provoking.

The Science Behind the Service

CogniZance exercises are based on recent findings in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Our team of researchers is behind every interaction, bringing recent discoveries to real-life practice.
CogniZance uses statistical and machine learning algorithms to create a truly personalized experience.
We are constantly improving our training methods to suit your individual needs and progress.


CogniZance for Communities

CogniZance's life enriching practice strengthens social engagement and general well being. 

Senior communities and care-providing organizations working with CogniZance can benefit greatly from the service, receiving an extended version. 

Through our ongoing interaction with residents or community members, care providers can receive effective notification and alerting capabilities, and create a more connected community. 

Become a CogniZant care-provider and apply for a pilot program today. 


Richard, 69 years old

"CogniZance's daily tasks got me much more attentive and engaged in my day-to-day activities"



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